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Your Routine as a ProLíder Participant

Your involvement with ProLíder starts well before class day. We have prepare a methodology that makes you a part of high-level discussion, which take place with different amounts of people, so that you participate and contribute to the construction of in-depth knowledge.

Preparation materials

You will receive, before your training, materials that will help you to understand, in a profound manner, the subject of matter in the next class. The materials are dense and written by references in their respective areas. You will be able to study and search for new materials, which will help you make the necessary connections with your personal background.

Summaries and Group Discussions

After reading the previous materials, you will prepare a summary that will help you structure the ideas mentally and take a position on what you have read. These summaries will accumulate throughout each training, so that, at the end of ProLíder, you will have a personal library of your own.

After preparing the summary, you will be allocated to a small group of participants who have prepared their own study materials. The group changes from week to week, so that, at all times, you are in contact with the peers with whom you least interact, so that you can have more opportunities to deepen your connections with them.

In group discussion, you will be to express your opinion on the topics of discussion at debate it with your classmates - an in-depth debate, in which you will be able to build knowledge from your connections and those of other participants, creating an unique environment that will help you meet new visions and ideas, from people as good as you.

These groups are made of 3 to 5 people, in order to create an intimate environment so that everyone can talk freely and listen to each other.

ProLíder Classes

You have completed your studies and your summaries. Then you discussed the matter in a high-level debate with some of your classmater. Now, it' time to take your notes and visions - and those of your group - to the whole group.

ProLíder classes are done in an "inverted classroom" format - this means that the teacher conducts a debate, instead of only presenting some content. Therefore, your summaries and discussions will give you ownership to be able to discuss and learn from the best references on subjects such as inequality, technology, energy, health, economics, education, and several other subjects that are covered in the program.

Learning Reports

Once the classes are finished, you will prepare a Learning Report - a short document that will help you fix your impressions and new ideas. You will also be able to continue discussing the subjects your are most interest in and continue to learn.

ProLíder is an initiative carried out by Instituto Four.