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What is the profile of the ProLíder participant?

ProLíder participants are not always in the same stages of their lives - in fact, it is more common for them to meet people who are living through different experiences. The diversity that is present in the program causes interactions between people who have very different world views, people shaped by the unique experiences each one of them have already had.

These differences are critical to ProLíder's learning model. The number of perspectives and life experiences of our participants are brought to discussions and generate a uniquely expansive range of knowledge.

For this reason, the profile of our participants is very broad. We are looking for young people aged 16 to 35, from any region of Brazil, who are compatible with our values and who are committed to the program and to Brazil.

Compatibility with Instituto Four's values

Instituto Four carries the following values:

  • Integrity: taking the right attitude at the necessary times, without seeking advantages or other unethical benefits for you at the expense of others.

  • Protagonism: the attitude of seeking to be responsible for your life and your actions.

  • Focus on Results: using applied knowledge to transform ideas into projects that generate transformation and impact in a concrete way.

  • Meritocracy: recognizing the merit and effort of people based on their trajectories and the results achieved through the resources they had at their disposal.

  • Diversity: valuing the representativeness that exists in Brazil and understanding that, to discuss the country, it is necessary to have diversity in race, gender, class, ideology, sexual orientation, and religion, among others.

Willingness to contribute in a concrete way to the Brazilian society

We look for participants who demonstrate, through their history and visions of the future, a positive way of looking at the problems that exist in Brazil and a capacity to see opportunities for transformative action. This transformative action must be demonstrated through concrete results and clear improvements in the sectors and areas where these improvements are to be made.

Entrepreneurial spirit (detemination, resilience and big dreams)

The entrepreneurial mind inside a business goes far beyond its founder. Having an entrepreneurial spirit means having a sense of ownership, the role of taking responsibility for the success of the initiative with which one is involved. This means having the protagonist's stance of not only surpassing the results and goals that have been established, but also mobilizing your friends and colleagues to do the same. This attitude required a higher level of energy than expected, and, therefore, it is necessary to have the resilience to find this energy within you and the ability to dream and understand that this mobilization will mean, in the future, a much better scenario than before action was taken.

Focus on creating transformational projects, in the public or private sectors

Action without theory can often mean an inefficient effort towards the desired results. On the other hand, in-depth study without any concrete action does not change the reality that we want to improve. Therefore, at ProLíder, we look for people who are capable of transforming the knowledge acquired throughout their lives and within the program's classes into business and political projects that, in a structural way, cause positive changes in Brazil and in the world.

Commitment: discipline, effort towards results, and responsibility

ProLíder is a program that requires dedication from those who participate in it. This means having the discipline to deliver the requested materials and putting forth the necessary effort to create a business or political project, which we know is not easy.

All of these elements are important parts of being committed. There are also other elements of commitment that involve the participant's relationship with himself. It's necessary to have a vision oriented towards results, that involves, among other things, the humility necessary to acknowledge shortcomings and weaknesses and to improve. All of this is in order to act more assertively in the face of one’s objective.

Finally, we also know that, over the course of the program, unforeseen events can happen and the stage one is at in their life can change. Therefore, it is important to have the responsibility and understanding that commitments, once taken up, must be maintained, and that, once begun, one must carry out this program with diligence.

ProLíder is an initiative carried out by Instituto Four.