ProLíder 2021 >> Program Gratuity

ProLíder is a free program

ProLíder is completely free for its participants. Its costs are covered by Instituto Four. All those approved to be part of ProLíder's classes receive a full scholarship, which includes the costs of carrying ProLíder out. Transport costs are not included, and, in order for participants to have assistance, they must notify the organization through the admissions process.

Transportation allowance for low-income participants

ProLíder classes take place in the city of São Paulo. As part of the efforts to maintain a diverse and high-level group, we seek to support, financially, those who are approved and have difficulty in paying the cost of travel to meetings.

In order to receive ProLíder's transportation allowance, the participant must

  • Live in a city other than São Paulo: even people who live in the countryside of the State of São Paulo are eligible for transportation assistance.
  • Provide proof of financial situation: the transport allowance is granted exclusively to those who will not be able to come to the classes on their own.
  • Sign a special commitment term: as the aid is granted at the beginning of the program, the participants who will receive it must sign a special term, and thus commit to attending the meetings for which the aid was granted.

ProLíder is an initiative carried out by Instituto Four.