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Agro Katu

Products aimed at small farmers that seek to reduce water waste in agriculture and reduce hydric stress in the Amazon Forest


Health technology development startup, focused on creating a device for better visualization of veins for venous punctures


Education startup that offers tools to assist in the process of absorbing and organizing learning through physical and digital products


Technology startup focused on creating solutions for more efficient energy consumption


Marketplace that seeks to bring technology and national scale to the market for university products in Brazil


Startup that prepares young people for the job market in up to 12 weeks, in a teaching program fully focused on employing them in major organizations in the technology market at the end of their training

Curso Ipê

Non-profit that provides better study opportunities for more than 200 low-income high school students from public schools


Edtech that creates tools to simplify and make the work of educators an even more positive experience. Currently, the company's work already impacts more than 30,000 students in the countryside of the state of Maranhão


First national biodegradable tampon, entirely made by women and for women


Startup that provides access control through intelligent recognition and use of data

Fatura Verde

Startup that aims to democratize access to clean and cheap energy for small- and medium-scale entrepreneurs by meeting the energy requirements of these companies with clean energy plants that have partnered with the startup


Startup created to ease the shopping experience in supermarkets, through the use of technology to reduce queues on the customer's side and facilitate the shopkeeper's organization


Startup that develops solutions in order to increase the survival rate of the Brazilian population in medical emergencies


School factory of 3D printers and technology teaching within the Complexo do Alemão favela in Rio de Janeiro

Instituto Cientize

Non-profit that seeks to promote science and technology in the country through closer relations between the private sector, educational institutions and government entities

Mundo da Lo

Company that seeks to encourage girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through games


Startup that uses computer vision to make civil construction environments safer and less accident-prone

On Demand

Technology-based organization that seeks to create a platform for the development of endovascular endoprostheses on demand

OY! Underwear

Clothing brand aimed at the LGBTQIA+ public that seeks to facilitate public access to dignified underwear

Pagode por Elas

Connection, entertainment, and information platform about the women of the Bahian music genre that has the objective of enhancing their careers and making their musical style more representative

Play for a Cause

Company that retrieves sports and entertainment accessories for resale and allocates part of the funds generated to activities and institutions related to basic education


Digital wallet seeking to bring solutions that make life easier for drivers and others working in delivery by way of apps, regardless of the platforms they use to work


Technology company that developed an end-to-end solution to revolutionize the Brazilian waste market, creating smart reverse logistics

Se Acalme

Healthtech which provides mental health services and aims to democratize mental well-being and make it accessible to all spheres of Brazilian society


Natural cosmetics and environmental education company, with the mission of building a more sustainable and human world through habits


Social business whose purpose is to inspire change in the lives of refugees, establishing connections through education, technology and diversity

ProLíder is an initiative carried out by Instituto Four.