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ProLider unites the best of theory and practice in leadership development aimed at the creation of national transformation ventures and public projects.

ProLíder is part of Four University, the structure that comprises all of Instituto Four's training programs.

ProLíder and Four University

Four University is the fulfillment of Instituto Four's dream of forming the next great generation of national leaders, focusing on political and entrepeneurial leadership.

As of 2021, ProLíder is divided into two cycles. In the basic training cycle, constituted by the first half of the program, participants will have access to a detailed overview of Brazil's main problems, with great references, and will learn about leadership, strategy and decision making.

Upon reaching the middle of the program, everyone will be part of the ProLíder Case Challenge, a problem-solving competition in which our participants will face complex challenges of our partner organizations. After the Case Challenge, ProLíder participants will be allocated according to their wishes and their life plans, to the other schools of the University: the Four School of Public Leaders, for those who wish to act in the public sphere of society; and Four School of Entrepreneurship, for those interested in creating perennial, sustainable, scalable companies, with potential for national impact.

Your jorney as a ProLíder 2021 participant

As of its sixth edition, ProLíder will cover phases. Its two initial phases are focused in creating a deep understanding about the current Brazilian scenario and what means to be a true leader. The third stage is the beginning of the transition from a theoretical program to an actionable program: the Case Challenge. The fourth stage of the program, which formerly involved the creation of business ventures, was transformed and its methodology was adapted for the creation of Four School of Public Leaders and Four School of Entrepeneurship.

In 2021, ProLíder participants will apply to the program and, throughout their admission process, they will define the paths they intend to follow: politics or entrepreneurship. After the end of ProLíder 2021's Case Challenge, they will be allocated to Four School of Public Leaders and Four School of Entrepeneurship, according to their preferences stated in the ProLíder 2021 admissions process.

Find out more about the content of the program and the schools in our brochure.


ProLíder is an initiative carried out by Instituto Four.